Fotoautomat Man is a low budget film with a big heart and a grand central character.

WE want to tell our story in a simple and what we believe is a clever way. Because our shooting style is going to be different.

Every actor will be wearing a camera and these cameras are the only ones we will use to shoot with. What YOU see is a no cheat ‘Man Bites Dog’ shooting style. So in some ways we are shooting multi camera, but this doesn’t mean a huge expense set up but that we can in fact work quicker and less expensively.

WE hope that YOU will help us pull this off. We don’t need a huge amount of money, but every little helps and to give YOU something for your donations we are continue the theme we set on the INDIEGOGO APPEAL in terms of PERKS – You can find them below.

Make your DONATION here:

And make sure you choose your PERK!

10 euros – The Oberbaum Bridge
 You will get our deepest thanks and call out on our social media and a wallpaper.
25 euros – The Schönhauser Allee
The above plus: Autographed postcards / stills from set for your desktop and script watermarked with your name.
50 euros – The Platoon Kunsthalle
All of the above plus: Free digital download of completed film plus extras and out-takes.
100 euros – The TrabiWorld am WELT Ballon
All of the above plus: A specially designed ‘No Gods No Masters’ T-shirt.
250 euros – The Kottbusser Tor
All of the above plus: plus a Poster of your choice(signed by cast and crew). Our art work has been created by Subzoo Inc and you can see more of his work on Send us 4 head shots of you as if they were taken in a Photo Booth (JPEG) against a white background and we will place them in the film. Plus a thanks to you in the end credits of the film.
500 euros – The Weser Strasse
All of the above plus: Be in the movie! Video your own interview and we will cut you into the movie! The video should be no longer than 20 seconds and shot in the street. You should be answering one of these questions: What do you think of the Photoautomat Man? What has the Photoautomat Man done for you? Have you used his services? If so how did you find it? We accept the following formats: .mov or m4v and it should be 1280 x 720 or 720p 24, 25 or 30 frames.
1000 euros – The Hobrecht Strasse
All of the above plus: Personal thank you from cast and crew shot from the movie set and a limited edition silk screen print of the artwork. Plus a Skype call (or personal meeting if in Berlin) with the Director and Producer.
2000 euros – The Hermann Strasse
All of the above plus: some of the props signed by cast/crew, PLUS a hat cam to make your own POV movie!
5000 euros – The Sonnenallee
All of the above plus: Executive Producer credit on the movie (main titles) and IMDB listing. Come visit the set and play a part in making the movie if you like! Name a character after you or a loved one (as long as its not offensive or stupid – but even if it is let us know and we can discuss it!).
10000 euros – The Eberswalder Straße
All of the above plus: Invite to premier in Berlin (we fly you to Berlin – economy class – and put you in an apartment or hotel), meet all cast and crew and party with us!

Make your DONATION here:

Thank you for being a part of this movie.